Новогодняя версия VB Decompiler

Выпустил таки новогодний релиз VB Decompiler

Это седьмая версия продукта.

Вот основные изменения:

— New unpacker engine
— Help files changed
— «For Each» decompilation in Native Code
— Screen object
— Printer object
— Clipboard object
— vbGlobal parsing
— vbSingle type of data
— Dispatch vbaLate functions parser
— Clear FPU error checking and objects checking instruction in Native Code
— rtcGetErl decompilation
— Objects declaration in P-Code
— Parsing «Set» opcode and use this variables in object reference
— «FnIntVar» decompilation in P-Code
— Resorting history after deleting items
— FRX Viewer plugin (need .NET Framework 2.0)
— New type of renaming Unknown functions
— BugFix: P-Code Put and Get opcodes
— BugFix: Procedure analyzer and optimizer no don’t clear some variables
— BugFix: Clear «@» chars in names of P-Code procedures and functions
— BugFix: Parameters in VTable Get/Let/Set procedures

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